Markanda Social Strategies

A PR and Management firm with a focus on being affordable for all ranges of clients in the motorsports market and a strong suit in social media. We are constantly innovating to bring you the latest tools, tips, and tricks in this highly competitive economy. Having the affordable idea in mind our goal is to reach out to the smaller teams and companies to provide services of Public relations and social media marketing without the financial and logistical burdens of a full time PR Representative and doing so without sacrificing quality. #getsocial

Public Relations

We provide full service public relation representation.


We are capable of providing full graphic design services including printing. This can include Hero Cards, Business Cards, Flyers, Sponsorship Materials, Press Kits, Car Wraps, Etc.

Account Management

We ensure that your sponsors and VIP’s get the ROI that they expect from their investments. We also ensure that everything is handled logistically on their behalf.

Social Media

Complete and total social media creation and analytics. We make sure that you are branding yourself and joining in the conversations with the world. #GetSocial